What Sets The Green School Apart from others

    Human Values Inculcation

  • We Trust – Building healthy student-teacher-parent relationships.
  • We Create – Developing Student in a balanced & wholesome way releasing their innate creativity to create future leaders.
  • We Care – Inculcating environmental concerns: the need to take care of our family, our city and our planet.


  • International Standards, designed by practitioners in the field of education.
  • A day wise curriculum for the whole year (term/ month/ day wise).
  • Focusing on joyful learning, including right values, developing life skills and formation of strong character.

Classical Arabic 

  • Correct pronunciation with Tajweed
  • Understanding Arabic

Rhymes & Poems (developed specially for the Green School and will be made available to others)

  • BIntelligently selected- Instrumental (Daff) & Vocal to facilitate learning.

Green Building

  • Natural Light in every room.
  • Rainwater harvesting.
  • Solar Panels for lighting & water heating.
  • Re-cycled water for flushing of toilets.
  • Sorting of Waste (Organic/ Inorganic)
  • Open Courtyard with each classroom.
  • Scribbling & Painting spaces on walls.
  • Display walls for projection of Child’s Work.
  • CCTV Monitored class rooms and outer spaces (with web link to Parents).
  • AV Screens (In Classes, Parent’s & Meeting Rooms).

Play & Learn Facilities

  • Organic Farming/ Green Area
  • Pets Corner
  • Messy Area
  • Play Area with Slides & Rides
Trained Teachers & After School Programs

  • All Teachers- NTT and B.Ed.
  • Regular Workshops & Training of Teachers.
  • After School Programs-  Exciting & Beneficial options to choose.