At The Green School we understand that choosing a school from a wide variety of options, finances  play an important role in your decision. As you consider making this contribution in shaping your child's  future, We are committed to help families to afford the tuition cost and make education available to all.

As per our 'Green philosophy, we have focused our investment on providing best Eco-friendly  infrastructure while staying away from the wasteful expenditures on areas students don't  use as part of  their learning experience.

To make it affordable:

  • Energy Efficient Building Design: Large windows and ventilators at proper angles provides natural  light in all the classrooms. Temperature is maintained naturally without AC, which is both healthy and cost-efficient.
  • We use Solar energy, which not just helps reduce our electricity bill but also sets an example of  renewable energy at early stage for our students.
  • To avoid consumption of junk food by children, school follows " No Canteen Policy " It allows children to stay on healthy homemade food in school along with avoiding them from squandering money; eventually cutting the school cost.


Apart from above the school provide following facilities:

  • Course books and stationeries are provided as per publisher's price.
  • School Uniform provided as per Vendor 's  actual cost.
  • No Extra Fee charged for:

            - Yoga Classes
            - Guidance & Counseling

The Green School is perhaps the most worth while option you could consider for your child's future, because an internationally certified education is now within your grasp.