Our Core Values


We Trust, We Create, We Care

Trust: We nurture respect for elders and genuine care for young by having a healthy student -teacher-parent relationship based on trust

                                    We will:

  • Develop trust based relationship between Teachers-Students-parents.
  • Nurture respect and obedience for elders and affection for the younger
  • Make school second home and our teachers substitute parents
  •  Do quality work with honesty and sincerity so that people trust us.


Create: We develop students in a balanced and wholesome way releasing their innate creativity to create leaders for the future.

                                        We will:

  • Allow to dare to dream of the possibilities
  • Provide opportunity to explore interests, hobbies and talents
  • Encourage new ideas, if it makes things better for people or community.
  • We recognize and promote innate creative talents

Care: We inculcate environmental concern in our students and staff: the need to take care of ourselves, our family, our city and our planet                                     
                                           We will: 

  • Foster love, compassion, understanding and forgiveness among all individuals.
  • Encourage and cultivate positive expectations for everyone
  • Nurture the attitude of using minimal resources
  • Care about one another, the environment and our world.




The Green School weaves three strands into a single braid: the universal values of faith, humility and compassion. It is our faith in human relationships for His sake that nurtures our student/teacher relationship; our humility that unleashes our creativity in the face of an uncertain and exciting future and our compassion towards all human beings and the planet we share that enlarges our individuality. 

Thus we Trust, we Create and we Care: The Green School is a school of thought whose time has come.