Developmental Programs


Keeping in view the overall development of the students, The Green School practices the following meticulously developed programs


1. Personal Development Program: It includes development of Personal Values, Manners & Etiquettes among students

2.  Social Development Program: It includes development of Social Values, Community Service and Environmental Consciousness among students.

3.   English Language Development Program: It includes development of English Communication Skills along with Confidence building among students.

4.    Master Muslim Program: It includes teaching of Islamic manner and etiquettes (Moral Science for Non-Muslim students) and its practice by students. Along with it reciting Naat & Hamd and playing Daff is also taught.

6.    Physical & Health Development Program: It includes practicing Yoga and healthy living Practices.


The students performances on all the above five programs are continuously monitored, assessed and reviewed throughout the year by their respective program in-charges to assure the grade appropriate development of each child by the end of the year