• Annual Day  :   It is grand annual event celebrated at The Green School. by students for parents.
  • Annual Sports Day  :     Different sports competitions are organized to perform at group as well individual level. It aims to develop the feeling of sportsmanship and healthy competition among children.
  • School Exhibition  :   Projects, Models, Charts, etc. made by students at different occasions throughout the year projecting their imagination, innovation and creativity are displayed school exhibition for parents.


CELEBRATONS:  Few of the National and International days are celebrated with great enthusiasm at The Green School. They are:

  • Birthday  :  At The Green School, birthdays are celebrated in slightly different way. Rather than  celebrating each students birthday separately throughout the year, it is celebrated on monthly basis for all students whose birthday falls in that month by Giving charity to poor, Distributing toffees in class, Serving lunch to poor Plating a sapling.
  • National Science Day: 28 th February
  • Earth Day: 22 nd April
  • Mothers's Day: 2 nd April
  • World Environment : Day 5 th June
  • Independence Day: 15 th August
  • Teacher's Day: 5 th September
  • Children's Day: 14 th November
  • National Mathematics Day: 22 nd December