The Green School follows CBSE based Curriculum on Cambridge format, well integrated with Value based Learning.


The following picture gives the broad outline of subjects & skills covered in our curriculum at different levels in order to provide an idea of how a child will progress at The Green School.

CBSE based Curriculum integrated with Value based Learning

Life Kills & Value Based Learning (The Core): We consider inculcation of values and building life skills as the foundation of all that a child needs to learn life. School ensures that students acquire values and skills to take them through life as a responsible member of family, community and society at large.


Scholastic Skills (The Middle Circle): It covers the content-based subject disciplines i.e. Languages, Humanities, Mathematics, Computers and Sciences. It ensures that students have a good grounding in content across different areas of study.


Co-Scholastic Skills (The Outer Circle): It focuses on developing students' creativity, innovation, interest in sports & games along with grooming their overall personality.