Headmistress's Message


Dear Parent,

I thank you for considering the Green School for admission of your child.

The Green school believes in imparting quality education, building life skills and developing moral values necessary for the students to take charge of their dreams. A wide range of instructional practices and programs are deployed to meet the need of our young students. The focus remains on all-round development of a child by providing them different opportunities and platforms to participate and perform.

The Green school team recognizes and embraces their duty to ensure that students attains academic excellence. We are firm in our belief that the academic success alone will be of little help to those who do not have the values, skills and attributes required to succeed in today's world that is full of complexities and uncertain future. By promoting a clear set of values at all times and in all that we do, we believe that by the time our student would leave school, he/ she will be ready to contribute, positively to their community and society at large.

To sum up our school philosophy and commitment, I assure that every child admitted to the Green School would see the school as second home and teacher as second mother (We Trust); would identify and nurture his/ her potential (We Create) by developing excellence in caring environment (We Care).

I invite you to join the Green School family. Let's work together to nurture a child of your dream.


Feroza Khan