Best in Class Facilities


The Green School offers best Academic, Beyond Academic and Value & Character Development  programmes facilities that provide students every opportunity to grow in knowledge, self-confidence,  skill and understanding. They include:

Personal Care Approach: School and Parent working as a team to provide personal care and attention to individual child.

 The Green School assumes child's responsibility beyond classrooms. It takes regular feedbacks and  suggestion through various Parent Interaction platforms like – Parent Orientation Sessions, PTMs,  Whatsapp and Telephonic Conversations. This joint effort of Parent & Teachers helps school in keeping  a close track of child's personal and academic progress, behavior and actions within and outside school, relationships in and outside family, etc.


  • Classrooms: Well ventilated spacious classrooms with comfortable furniture, arranged in such a way that every student gets the teacher's maximum individual attention

  •  Computer Education: Computer education is an integral part of the curriculum at The Green School from Class 1 onwards. Highly qualified teachers impart the knowledge of computers and fully equip the students for the challenges of the computer age. Internet connection in the lab provides Internet access to source websites for educational materials. Computer sessions and Internet access are monitored and supervised by computer teachers who aid and guide the children through the sessions.

  • Learning Resource Centre: The vast collection comprising of Textbooks, Reference books, Fiction titles, Teachers' Resources and audiovisual material like CDs and VCDs. All the resources are well categorized to store the collection of syllabus-based textbooks (according to classes), fiction titles and audio visual materialserimenting and exploration.

  •  Science & Mathematics Labs: School has well equipped lab facility for children. Along with practical based teaching, students are encouraged to use these laboratories to learn through experimenting and exploration.

  •   Audio-visual Rooms: The audio-visual room is extensively used by the faculty and students to make presentations. To ensure long-term retention of what is taught, the school uses Power Point presentations to hone student skills and encourage student-teacher interactions.

  • Terrace Garden: The Green School has provision of terrace garden that gives students opportunity to work and play in green area.

  • Play Area: School Play area is well furnished with swings, slide and other play equipments for children to get involved in physical activities as individual or in group


Teachers & Mentors:

All Teachers at The Green School are well qualified and trained with NTT or B.Ed. We also organize regular  Workshops & Training of Teachers for personal and professional skills development.


Health & Hygiene:

School takes special care of students' Health and Hygiene through

  • 'No Canteen' Policy to avoid consumption of junk food by children; as they are allowed to eat only homemade food during lunch breaks.
  • To make children nutritionally responsible, there is a short 'Fruit-break' every day.
  • General Health Checkups of students are done on regular basis


Supervision & Security:

  • The Green School is committed to provide safe and secure learning environment for all its students. Apart from basic safety provisions like fire safety, etc. the entire school campus is constantly monitored through CCTV cameras  to keep a close look on all activities going on inside and outside classrooms.
  • In the interest of Safety no parents or visitor is allowed into the school beyond reception area.