Parents Corner


Parent- Teacher- Meeting  :   Parent-teacher meetings (PTMs) are a great way to meet your child's teachers, and stay update with what they are doing at school.

 The Green School gives you the opportunity to come and talk with teacher three times a year, usually  after students assessments. You can discuss and identify how you can be involved in your child's  education and show them that their education is important.

 Apart from above, school regular PTMs, school provide parents opportunity to communicate through:

 Whatsapp  :   For posting Leave Notifications  Queries (before 9:00 pm at night).

Phone Calling  :    Between 7.30- 8:00 am  2:00- 3.00 pm only.

Meeting Teachers  :   With prior appointments only.


The School expects that Parents will take care of their ward’s:

  • Regularity & Attendance  :  Students must have a minimum of 75% attendance in an academic  session. In case of absence, parents need to make an entry in the school diary stating the reason for absence.

Ensure that your child is not absent on the first day or the last day of the term without prior permission.

In case of absence of over 3 days due to medical reason, a medical certificate must be attached with the leave application and sent to school on the first day of the child attending the school after illness.

Students suffering from an infectious or contagious disease (measles, mumps, chicken pox,  conjunctivitis, dermatitis, and scabies) should not be sent to school until fully recovered. A fitness certificate issued by a Medical practitioner should be presented when the child is fit to resume school.

Re-test will be taken only on medical grounds. Application and doctor medical certificate to be submitted to school.

  • Punctuality & Late Arrivals  :  Every minute of school hour is planned with a Goal.

Make sure that your child reports 5 minutes before the scheduled school time.

The school gate will be closed after 15 minutes for all late arrivals action will be taken immediately. Three consecutive late arrivals would lead to the students being sent back home.

  • Uniform & Personal Hygiene  :  Students should be sent to school in proper school uniform and neatly dressed every day.

All parents are requested to impart health education to their wards. Children must bathe daily  and be taught to clean their eyes, ears and nose properly. Teeth must be brushed twice a day
and nails trimmed weekly.

Students who are not in proper uniform will be sent back home.

Identity cards to be worn every day.

  • Develop Reading Habit  :   To improve literacy skills, motivate child to read daily at least for 20-25  minutes daily at home.
  • Limit Screen Time  :   Reduce time spent on Laptop, TV, Mobile phones, Tablets, etc. to maximum One hour a day.
  • General  :  

Be available if it is necessary, to discuss aspects of your child ;s behavior at school.

Check the school diary daily, as it forms a link between the school and the parents.

Sign messages, progress reports or other similar documents when requested to do so, to avoid putting your child to any inconvenience.

Parents should make it a point to attend the Parents- Teacher Meeting on the given date. The school administration will take a serious view of parents regularly absenting themselves from
such meetings.

Kindly ensure that your child carries his diary/ books/ notebooks as per timetable every day and to avoid non- required stuff to unnecessary overload his bag.


Dear Parent, The Green School would be pleased to help you by responding to  your concerns and considering your suggestions and feedbacks. Please write your concern / views below, we will get back to you as soon as possible: